How it Works is designed “very easy and very simple” and very easy to understand. Our search function is simply yet powerful and we have several quick search links as well. Some of the key features of the website are described. The website is simple to use and navigate but has smart features to help you find your life partner. In addition to the matrimonial profiles.

Members Registration

Members Registration is a very easy to process, or our Admin team will help to feed the membership data.All you need is to enter your basic personal information and lifestyle details.

Members Login

The Login box is located on the menu of the home page. Members Login requires the username you specified during the registration and your password.

Forgot password link takes you to a page where you can specify your email address and we will email your password to that email address. This email address must be the same that you used during registration.

Members Search

Basic and Advanced Search function is available on all the pages of the website to make it convenient for you to look up matrimonial ads from any page. Search is intentionally kept simple to use. It is a free-text search of all active matrimony ads in the database. Type keywords in the search box and we will show all the matrimonial profiles in which one or more of those keywords appear. All fields of the profiles are searched. If there are more than one keyword are specified, then all profiles having any one of the keywords are shown. The idea is to show more profiles to give you more choices, not less. You can click on any search result to see the member’s complete profile. We do not hide any profile details (including email addresses) whether or not you are a member and signed in.

Members Dashboard

You can search for matrimonial profiles and save to your wishlist of any member you want to follow up. We show all tagged profiles in your account under “Saved Profiles” heading.

We also list all the others members who have saved your profile in their accounts

There is a feature to express interest to other members. You can view any view the interested messages from others members to you.

Other standard features like updating your matrimonial profile, password or photo are all available when you sign-in to your account. We are constantly adding features and improving the website. We encourage all constructive feedback and welcome your opinion.